Koryntia Finance

What Is Koryntia?

Empower Humanity. Decentralized Loan Protocol. $KOTYA.

Protocol, Interface, Labs

Koryntia is a new loan protocol on DeFi.
Koryntia's core vision is to nurture and drive adoption and acceleration from the traditional banking system to the new blockchain-based system.
Our initial focus is to create a single product, simple and the best. Loans and credits.
Here you will find detailed documentation on the operation of our main products. If you have any questions, the best way to contact us is through our Telegram. For other ways to communicate, you can find links to our other active communities in the sidebar.

Key points:

  • Koryntia: The vision of the brand is to generate a positive and sustainable impact over time thanks to blockchain technology and a new financial economic system based on DeFi.
  • The Koryntia Protocol: Smart contract that facilitates the automation of a product (loan) in the creation of a market without intermediaries; providing immediate liquidity to the end user.
  • The Koryntia Interface: a web interface that allows easy interaction with the Koryntia protocol. The interface is just one of the many ways that the Koryntia protocol can be interacted with. The development will be aligned with Web3 and the Koryntia Dapp.
  • Koryntia Governance: A governance system to govern the Koryntia Protocol, enabled by the $KOTYA token.
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