Koryntia Finance

Koryntia Web 3.0 Concept

The adoption of blockchain technology to a greater extent has been adopted as a form or concept about money. At Koryntia, we think further in the long term, as this technology can be developed in the concept of decentralized self-identity.
The Web 3.0, you have many possibilities in the integration of the DeFi world. For example: An individual with a mobile device and an internet connection; (With an adoption in 2030 of more than 90% of the world population, it will be increasingly accessible) this individual will be able to access through a Wallet with his identity based on it; and even an NFT; to a decentralized lending protocol like Koryntia. Without ultimately depending on a centralized system.

NFT Concept As Collateral And Identity

An NFT as an asset for the acquisition of a loan.
This should allow anyone to enter the DeFi world. This would be based on a digital economy.
Wealth creation incentives; they will help users to want to adopt the position of creator in this world. And not a victim of a centralized system.