Koryntia Finance


All doubts about Koryntia.

Koryntia is a loan protocol?

Yes, we developed the technology that will allow fast loans to be issued between the DeFi system and anyone; providing it with liquidity without intermediaries; and allowing it to enter the new financial system with less friction than the traditional banking system.

How is Koryntia different from AAVE?

Koryntia's mission is to solve the friction that exists between the traditional banking system and the global economic system; and the new modern banking system (DeFi), present and future to the majorities. To any corner of the world thanks to our protocol based on blockchain technology.
Rather, AAVE is a solution or benefit for a gated community.
The transition between the two worlds takes time. With a long-term vision.

So does it mean that you are going to lend money to non-crypto users?

Koryntia, will be known to crypto users first (early adopters) and then there will be a transition to majorities.
We are aware of the present and future difficulties; not just from Koryntia, but from the crypto world in general. It takes time for majorities to enter this ecosystem.
Koryntia has the opportunity to position itself with its only product (loans) as the first brand in the mind of our user, from a positive perspective for the benefit of humanity as we know it today.

Does it mean that you do not accept loans outside your company?

We must uphold the standards of Koryntia over time.
You will be able to convert fiat money to $Kotya and $Kotya to fiat. Always within the security of our platform.

$KOTYA is used as collateral, right?

$Kotya is an asset used as collateral. Without discarding other assets.

And what kinds of assets can be borrowed?

  • Other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • NFT Art.
  • Tokens or titles.
Assets should always have the crypto digital focus.
The associated risks also change due to the variable nature of the technology used, and the assets involved as collateral.
We cannot have all the answers; but to continuously work on improving and creating better solutions to facilitate humanity's access to this new DeFi world.

I am an investor, how can I contact you?

You can contact us through the following email: [email protected]